Instant Payment Collection

Dedicated Payment Pages

Generate custom payment pages easily to collect payments for various purposes. Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional payment methods and start accepting payments seamlessly. Learn more..

  • iconAccepts all Majors Cards.
  • iconCustomizable and Mobile Friendly.
  • iconReal-Time Notifications.
Effortless Event Ticketing

Create, Manage, and Sell Tickets for Unforgettable Events

Our event management feature empowers you to effortlessly create and manage Physical and Virtual events while seamlessly collecting payments for tickets. Take your event planning to new heights with CampusPay. Learn more..

  • iconCustomizable Event Pages
  • iconOnline Ticket Sales
  • iconAttendee Management
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Solutions for Every Business Need.

Power up your business with a full-stack online cashiering system that fits your needs.

Student Organizations

Simplify membership dues, event fees, and fundraising campaigns to focus on creating memorable experiences and driving impactful initiatives.

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Enjoy the convenience of making secure online payments from anywhere, ensuring a smooth and stress-free financial experience throughout your academic journey.

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Offer design services, writing, tutoring, or any other freelance work and streamlines the payment process, ensuring you receive your hard-earned money swiftly and hassle-free

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Seamless Payment Experience

Easy, Fast, and Secure Payments at Your Fingertips

With CampusPay, managing your payments becomes effortless. Experience the convenience of making payments at your fingertips, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free financial journey.

  • iconQuick and Easy Payments
  • iconDebit/ Credit cards, Bank Transfer, USSD payment
  • iconSeamless Integrations.

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Efficient Team Collaboration

Streamlined Team Management: Collaborate and Conquer Together

CampusPay empowers teams to efficiently manage their accounts by adding multiple team members. Seamlessly collaborate, delegate tasks, and conquer financial management with ease.

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Multiple Team members
  • iconSeamless collaboration.
  • iconShared access to account management.
Role-Based Permissions
  • iconSpecific roles and permissions
  • iconControlled access
Account Signatories
  • iconDigital Authorizations.
  • iconConsent Management.
Audit Trail
  • iconTrack team actions
  • iconTransparent records.

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Campuspay is an all in one solution for collecting and sending money on Campus.

To start receiving payments on Campuspay, Create an account with your corrext details, verify your email and business information, then create your first payment page.

Your money is safeguarded by licensed financial institutions. We also keep your card details safe, flag suspicious transactions, and ask for extra verification to protect you.

Campuspay charges 3.5% of each transaction with minimum of N50 and capped at N3000.

Yes, you can open a Campuspay account for your business even if it is outside a campus area.

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