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Events of all types are welcomed here, including free and paid events. All events get a custom memorizable URL, and guests will receive automated reminders before your event!.


Virtual Events

Host online events, webinars and classes from anywhere in the world.

Virtual events open a world of possibilities for event creators. You can host classes to teach new skills, party with friends and plan experiences that feel as though your guests are there in person!

E-mail Marketing

Share updates, sell merch and engage with your guests on Campuspay.

Venue change? Merch sale? Added perks to a ticket? Campuspay makes it easy for you to communicate and engage with your attendees with the in-app email marketing tool.

Promo Codes

Offer promo codes to attendees on Campuspay.

Discount codes are personalised codes offered to customers to reduce the price of a ticket. Many event creators use it as a purchasing incentive to boost ticket sales.

On Campuspay, you can set up automatic discounts to apply to tickets bought within a certain period or create specific codes to be used to access deals. You can also select a start and end date, order quantity, and how often an attendee can use a discount code.

Sales Dashboard

Track your ticket sales and revenue with real-time data provided by Campuspay.

You have complete control over your ticket sales and revenue on Campuspay, with a sales dashboard that shows you real-time data on the number of tickets sold, total sales revenue and your attendee list.

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