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About Campuspay

Campuspay is a digital solution for collecting and sending money for students' associations and businesses on campus.

We charge 3.5% per transaction on every payment received by businesses on campuspay floored and capped at N50 and N3,000 respectively. Find out more about our pricing

Campuspay's solutions is specifically designed for institutions, associations, individual businesses and corporations.

You can use campuspay to start receiving payment even if you do not have a registered business or your business is not situated around a campus.

There are no hidden charges. We offer simple, transparent, and affordable pricing for everyone. All charges are listed on our pricing page or clearly visible on your merchant dashboard.

Yes, you can own more than one business account on your Campuspay account. Click on the arrow at the bottom left corner of your dashboard menu to Add a New Business.

Payment is settled into your campuspay wallet or your bank account on the next business day.

Yes, we provide payment links and customisable business profile to promote your business and collect payments.

Account Settings

Yes! You can create multiple users, giving them different roles and permissions to access your CampusPay business account(s) in the settings tab.

Your account is in passive mode because you have not submitted compliance details for KYC which is a mandatory process for verification of your identity and/or business and enable you to receive your funds in your preferred bank account.

You can add your bank account when filling out your KYC details, please fill in the bank account you want to receive your funds.

Definitely! You can add multiple bank accounts to your business profile as transfer beneficiaries. However, only one account will be used as your primary bank account to which payments will be paid out.

You can change your password from your profile at the top right corner of your dashboard

You can invite a user from the Teams tab on your business settings. An email would be sent to the user's email to access your Campuspay business account. Customize user's permission in the permissions tab with a few restrictions to protect against unauthorized access to information.

Getting Started

Creating a CampusPay account is quite simple and easy to do. Click and fill your details correctly

No, you do not need a developer to setup your Campuspay account. Account setup and usage is easy to understand

Yes, we provide payment links and customisable business profile to promote your business and collect payments.

Typically, completed KYCs are approved within 1 - 2 business days. In rare circumstances, if there is no feedback on the status of your KYC within this period, please send an email to help@campuspay.com

Your Bank Verification Number (BVN) is used in the KYC process on Campuspay. It is required as an added layer of security to verify the ownership of bank accounts used in accepting payments on Campuspay. Your private information is secure and will never be shared with anyone.


Your payment link is a generated url unique to just your business that you can share to your customers to receive payments. You can create one in the 'payments' tab

Absolutely! You can create as many active payment links as you want for your respective businesses.

Of course! You can deactivate a payment link, once deactivated it becomes passive and deleted off your account.

Yes, you can make transfers to any microfinace or commercial bank in Nigeria.

To make transfers to other accounts different from your registered bank account, simply navigate to the "Transfers" tab on the side menu of your dashboard

The Transfer feature allows you to transfer settled funds from your CampusPay account to your bank account. The automated transfer to your bank account and its frequency can be altered to allow you manually make transfers to any bank account of your choice. The Transfer feature is enabled only when your KYC is complete.

Yes, you can transfer settled funds in your available balance to your bank account.

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